The Mature Woman’s Guide to where to meet men

There is no shortage of dating service’s on the scene these days. Log onto any web search engine and type in “dating” and you will get hundreds of pages of websites wanting to help you find the “perfect match.”

Going to the bars and looking for love, like one did back in the 70s and 80s is old hat. Now, one doesn’t have to leave the comfort of her home to find the love of her life. It’s definitely not as hard as it use to be, comments one lady in her 50s. She goes on to say that when she was in her early 20s she had over 35 different jobs because she deliberately worked for a temporary service just so she could meet interesting and well to do men.

Unfortunately she found out that a lot of those men did not want to date someone they worked with, but she kept trying.

Now that everything is computerized why should dating be any different? There are other ways that are a bit more personal if you actually want to go out and find someone. There are the 5-minet date clubs were one goes and sits at a table and every 5 minuets a bell rings and the guy across from you gets up and moves on to another table. Something like musical chairs I guess, it doesn’t sound that fun to me but who am I to judge.

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There are other places where you have lunch with a dating prospect and if you two hit it off then a dinner date will follow, so there really is no reason for any woman to be alone. I have read that if you want to meet men, another way to meet a potential date join a political club, if politics interests you, than that may be the place for you. Church is still a pretty popular place to find a date. They put on social events for single people, and that may be the place for you.

However, many of today’s mature women are not in such a frenzy to hurry up and find another man to marry after a divorce. Many are taking this alone time to do good things for herself and maybe make some changes. Many find that for the time they are enjoying their life without a man in it.

Once they seem to accept a life without a man, she finds that an enormous weight has been lifted off her shoulders. Once she stops worrying about maybe being man-less for the rest of her life, she finds the time to pursue a life she would never have had the opportunity to do with a man. Often such pursuits lead to a very fulfilling life. Many doctors and psychiatrists have found that many unmarried woman patients are actually happier than their married counterparts.

One woman psychologist says that the single mature woman is “Getting along just fine on her own,” what ever the case may be, each woman must do what she feel is best for her, and she is the only one who can decide what’s right for her.

This article does want to man-bash by any means. The real truth is probably every woman would like to have someone to love, share her life with, and love, in her life. Nobody wants to looked into their future and see themselves in their senior years left out and alone.

The point this article wants to state is that women after 40 who find themselves divorced or suddenly without a partner, does not have to depend on a man to fulfill them. She is finding out just what she is capable of, and how strong she can be and how far she can go. Now, when she looks for a man, she is looking for someone to share her life with and the accomplishments she has made on her own. She is not looking for someone to take care of her because she cannot take care of herself.

Yes, she is looking for love, and hopefully she will find it. However, if she doesn’t find Mr. Perfect, then that’s okay too. She can be happy on her own, with or without a man in her life.

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