The A-Z of Dating – J is for just one date

Most of us have to go on at least a couple of dates before we meet the right person, but for some lucky people, it really can be love at first write. Here are a few stories from some of our former subscribers:

“We’re writing this jointly from our second holiday together since we met nearly eight months ago. We had different experiences of internet dating: SA Match was the only dating website I had used and, within 24 hours, he had sent me a message.

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We met two days later and we haven’t look back. He was the only person I met. He’d tried a number of dating sites and had been on a considerable number of dates. He says I hit the jackpot first time – he had to wait a while before he was so lucky! We’re so happy to have found each other and are planning to spend the rest of our lives together.”

“So very happy to have married Rob on 24 July this year, after writing to him the first day he posted his profile in January 2009. He’s the best. Good job SA Match!”

“I joined SA Match in December 2016 and got chatting to a gorgeous guy who had also joined recently. After exchanging many messages, we met in the New Year. It was the first online date for both of us. Some 18 months later, we’re moving in together. I couldn’t be happier. Thank you, thank you, thank you.”

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