So you want to know what the signs of love is

The music swells up. It’s a big moment. Suddenly, you just know: this is love. Or, at least that’s the way it always used to work in the movies. In real life, the signs of love are a little more subtle …

1. You learn to live with imperfections
You’re a woman who has always gone for tall guys, but the new man in your life is the same size as you. You’re a man who’s always lived for sport, but your new team-mate for life has always made clear that she’d prefer to read a good book than watch the World Cup. “Once the first flush of love is past, you can no longer pretend that your partner’s little imperfections don’t exist,” explains Parship psychologist Sabine Wery von Limont.

“What matters now is that those perceived deficiencies shouldn’t make you feel that you’ve been short-changed.” If you feel quite happy with your relationship lot, then that’s a pretty sure sign that you’re in love. You’ve come to terms wi
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