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Branded, Niche, White Label and Branded Free Dating Sites.

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Expand your current market into the rest of the world with our unique International approach to the dating industry. Specialize in your specific niche or reach new unsaturated high converting markets. Our design allows for easy implementation of user interface languages, geo targeting, country specific pricing and payment options. Our customer support teams are experienced international multi-lingual experts to assist your users with any problem they may have.

Invest in your own name or brand. Bring your dating business to a new level with a fully customizable Private Label Dating solution. Maximise your revenue by monetising each visitor to your site, earn from free visitors by including advertising for your other enterprises or other third party programs such as AdSense.

Full niche customisation allows you to efficiently market your site to very specific high converting users. Target by location, age, sexual orientation, marital status, interests and many more. Choose from adult, casual or romantic, senior, disabled or single parents, target by religion, race, language or nationality.

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Free Dating Site Templates

What can I do with my sites?

  • Change design, filters, languages, pricing »
  • Add your meta-tags to all the pages »
  • Edit your internal header and footer »
  • Add Analytics and other tracking codes »
  • Add logo, slogan, text with no HTML code »
  • Edit the full HTML code of your front page »
  • Edit any page and CSS file individually »
  • Upload files for future use »
  • Edit Robots.txt file »
  • Edit XML site map manually or dynamically »
  • Choose from pre-defined color themes »
  • Edit any color on the site without editing CSS »
  • Add internal advertising/banners »
  • Change layouts of the emails that go to users »
  • Use pre-made banners in 10 languages »
  • Create alternative landing pages, edit them and track visitors to each one of them »
  • Send targeted newsletters to your members »
  • Copy the site you created to the new URL »

…this can also be done on the PREVIEW version of your site while the LIVE version does not get affected before your are happy with what you’ve got!


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