Older woman dating younger men, WHAT’S THE BIG DEAL?

It is said that in today’s world, every other marriage will end in divorce. Unfortunately that is a very sad statement, but it’s true. That leaves a lot of women in their 40s, 50s, and 60s, single, a lot of men too, but… men in their 40s, 50s, and 60s, seem to only want to date women in their 20s, or 30s. So where does that leave women in their 40s and up? It’s always been socially acceptable to see older men with younger women, but when an older woman is seen with a younger man, terms like Mrs. Robinson, and cradle robber are whispered behind raised hands.

Times are changing though and society it getting used to the idea of younger men dating and even marrying older women. The mature women today is a lot stronger than she used to be, and knows that just because she’s older, she isn’t ready to sit in a rocking chair and knit doilies all day. The mature woman of today believes in herself and she doesn’t care what “the neighbors may say,” Today she is looking for what makes her happy, and really doesn’t care what others think she should do.

One question that usually gets asked a lot it; “Why would a man want to date a women 10 or 12 years older than him?” Actually, younger men have been attracted to older women for a long time, it’s just that today these couples are not keeping it a secret anymore. Here is what some of these “younger men” have said about dating a woman 10 to 12 or more years older than them. Some young men are attracted to an older woman’s maturity and the fact that older women seem more comfortable with themselves.

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Older women have lived more and are more established; they can take care of themselves and don’t rely on a man to take care of them. Younger men are attracted to the fact that older women act more mature and seem to be less materialistic than younger women. Mature women don’t mess with their heads and play mind games with them, acting coy and shy one minuet, but the next minuet mouthing off and being bossy, showing her true self. With mature women, these young men know right were they stand because she will be up front with her young man, telling him what she’s looking for and what she wants. This gives her young man a chance to “back out” before anything gets too serious if he wants.

Mature women don’t want to waste their time or his by playing games. She is ready to have some fun with someone who shares the same interests as she does, and she doesn’t want to have to worry about his hang-ups. She wants to know if he wants to be with her or not and if he doesn’t, then she’s going to move on and find someone who does, if he is embarrassed about the age difference, she’s not going to waste her time. She has been around the block, and would rather be alone than with someone who is ashamed for the two of them to be seen together because of age.

Society thinks sex is the only reason a younger man will want to go out with an older woman and society is only half right if that. It’s the idea of woman peaking sexually in their 30s and 40s. Sure, younger men enjoy the experience the older woman can bring into a relationship. They enjoy having a partner that is not so inhibited during sex by saying what they like and want. Mature women today are taking better care of their bodies and are looking better too. So, even though a woman in her 40s doesn’t have the body of a 20 year old, their younger boyfriends say that her experience well makes up for anything else she may be missing.

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The mature woman of today is not looking for the picket fence and the two car family, especially if she has already spent her earlier years doing just that, so not too many older women are looking to have more babies. However, if she has never been married and is ready to start a family, she may find a younger man with a less-developed career who would be willing to follow her and be a stay-at-home-dad. For the most part, younger men find older women more interesting and fun to talk to.

They find that their older girlfriends are more experimental and eager to try new things and to go to different places. Whatever the reasons may be, younger men are dating older women because they want to. There isn’t any one reason for younger men dating older women. It could be a combination of many reasons.

Maybe trying to put an explanation to it is a waste of time. Men and women are getting together and dating, when two people get together and find out they both have a lot in common and they like being together, why should they let a little thing like age break them up? Life is hard enough as it is, when two people find happiness with each other, who’s business is it anyway? Age should have nothing to do with two people being happy.

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